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Tomassini carpentry, the brainchild of Sandro Tomassini, was established in the sixties. The original workshop has remained unchanged throughout the years, even when it passed to Andrea and Roberto Tomassini. At the start of the current century their surname became a well-known brand in Italy as well as abroad. ‘Made in Italy’ is the key element: through the combination of tradition and technology, products of excellence are created.

Furniture is created using artisan processes that ensure attention to detail, quality of materials and finishes. This out of the ordinary attention originates from the need to fully satisfy the desires of customers, balancing tradition and modernity as well as functionality and aesthetics.

The plans are realised by craftsmen making use of the latest technology in order to achieve the highest quality in execution. On the one hand the skills and experience of the carpenters guarantee a great sensitivity in the finishing detail, on the other the advanced technological machinery ensures extreme precision in the end product.

The union of tradition and technology is the company's main strength.